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Business Packages

Combined Business

Business policies designed for the small and medium enterprise and provide protection against a wide range of covers for your business under the one combined policy document. Some of the options include; fire and other defined events, boardroom liability, general property, business interruption, glass, burglary, cash theft, personal accident and illness, machinery and electronic equipment and fraud or dishonesty.

Business policies for larger commercial businesses are tailored to an Industrial Special Risk policy, which is a broader form of insurance and is a more suitable form of indemnity for high value risks.

Contract Works

Contract Works insurance is designed to provide insurance cover as required under a construction contract. Contract Works insurance is required by:

  • Licensed builders
  • Owner builders
  • Property Developers

The Contract Works insurance policy insures against; accidental loss or damage to or theft of the building during the construction or maintenance period and arising out of and in the course of your performance of the contract.

The Contract Works policy can be extended to include cover for:

  • Existing buildings not part of the contract works
  • Constructional plant
  • Materials in transit/storage
  • Public Liability

A Contract Works insurance policy is available for both commercial and residential builders and can be tailored to meet the requirements of the construction contract.

Marine Hull / P & I (Commercial)

Marine transit insurance is essential for protection of valuable import or export cargo whilst in transit. Marine transit insurance can be tailored to access policies that give you the tightest shipping and transport protection for the best value.

Choose from the following two kinds of marine cover:

Marine Cargo Insurance

  • Goods in Transit “floor to floor” cover for single transits
  • Home contents in transit cover
  • Covers loss or damage to goods in transit in Australia or imports/exports to and from Australia

Marine Carriers insurance

  • Transits of cargo whether by road, rail, air or sea.
  • Can cover stock, equipment, livestock, refrigerated produce, liquids etc
  • Covers truck owner-operator and small fleet clients against loss or damage to goods in transit in Australia.

Marine policies can cover everything from:

  • Shipment items such as stock, equipment, livestock, refrigerated produce and liquids, to
  • Additional expenses such as failure of refrigerated machinery, shedding of load, loading and unloading, various livestock risks, clean-up costs, packaging, and re-securing.

There are a number of Marine Transit insurance policies to cater for your business operations. These include:

  • Single Transit
  • Annual Marine Cargo
  • Goods in Transit
  • Specified Items in Transit
  • Carriers Cargo Liability
  • Carriers Goods in Transit
  • Marine Liability

Industrial Special Risk

Industrial Special Risks Insurance (ISR) provides property damage cover and consequential loss cover for medium to larger organisations with diverse operations and larger insurable value. The policy is designed to protect physical assets, including buildings, stock, plant and machinery and other property. This coverage also encompasses business interruption insurance for the company i.e. the loss of its income-producing abilities. Policies contain industry-agreed and can be tailored to your specific business needs.